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JPG question
I noticed that many JPG files taken with my  ex fuji s2000HD in 2008 got corrupted on two separate hard  drives, luckily the corrupted JPG files were not the same on both hard drive and a good proportion were recovered since I had a good copy of it. while Canon 30D JPG and  JPG converted from RAW taken the same day put on the same hard drives were all intact.
It is to much a coincidence that  only FUJI JPG only got corrupted.
Does it have to do with the type of JPG compression used, which JPG compression would you recommend ??
If files get corrupted today and were readable in 2008, it's either a bad hard drive or incompatible viewer - but JPG is JPG, it's a standard and bytes don't rot faster just because it's out of a Fuji. I think you took a bad hard drive.
It has to do with your file system most probably, and the Fuji files being in a different directory than the 30D files explains why only the Fuji files.

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