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Kamalan 50mm f1.1, any chance of review ???
Seems rather too good to be true, a decent 50mm f1.1 for less than 200$, usually when things look too good to be true, they are...
Personally I have  rather low expectations, but you never know...
No, sorry :-)
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Decent? Not really.
(11-29-2018, 11:54 AM)Rover Wrote: Decent? Not really.

read the review and checked sample pictures at 1.1 and f2.8: not usable in my book
Well it's a $200 lens with 5 elements, less than even the nifty fifty has.
This is my most recent purchase of camera lenses for my Sony A6000. I bought this hoping to put the f1.1 to the test. For reference, f1.1 is about as powerful as you can go for lenses. A low focal point results in a nice blurry background known as bokeh. I tried this lens out with both portrait and macro-landscape photography and it did not disappoint.

Best-in-class bokeh: This lens is a powerhouse when it comes to low focal points. It provided high-quality pictures with a crisp, blurry background and little to no distortion around the edges of the subject. This rivals similar lenses that I use, such as the Sigma 30mm and Rokinon 50mm.

Compact: This lens is much smaller and more compact than any other lens I have. I attached a picture to understand size, but it is smaller than the shaker ball in my plastic water bottle. It is easy to switch in and out and does not take up a lot of space.

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