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Another Sigma UWA prime on the horizon.

12mm ff2.9 Art?
Might be cool to replace my 14mm f/2.8 with that. Nice gap between the 12mm and the wide end of the 16-35 lens that I'm using otherwise. I bought the Sigma on a whim when my widest lens was the 17-35 L so it makes sense to upgrade the wider one too.
You'll also get a different perspective from other lenses. You don't want this effect, and then it's best to make sure the horizon is in the centre of the image krogerfeedback.
It is 1 or 2Kg heavy?
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(01-07-2019, 08:37 AM)Klaus Wrote: It is 1 or 2Kg heavy?

According to sigma , making heavy lens is a kind of art.
No wonder of such results.
The question is how low can we go?
Unless someone shoots real estate and interiors I don't see a need for such a lens, so for me it doesn't make any sense.
I can see everyone running after numbers more megapixels when they don't print, ultra heavy lenses nobody would carry for some extra sharpness nobody would see (unless he shoots MTF charts)
I think what you wanted to say was something like this:

Unless someone knows how to take great pictures I don't see a need for such a silly blurb, so for me it doesn't make any sense.
I can see only one running after another silly comment more silly words when the one has nothing to say, ultra silly comment nobody would care for some extra needless bla no-one would need to read (unless he likes reading lame comments)

In just three lines going to the maximum superfluous comment, that's truly an art.
Sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing between the maximum superfluous blurb from miro and toni...
I don't. There's only one with a winning team...
It's your own money and you are carrying the weight, go buy it and enjoy... I won't

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