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Another Sigma UWA prime on the horizon.
Who wanted to buy anything? Based on rumours? Are you aware of what you write? Or is it just raining fingers on a keyboard?
Let me rephrase: you make $$$ from photography and need the ultimate equipment, you have specific needs like 12mm lenses, full frame sensors and need every bit of extra quality that will give your pictures the edge over competitors, perfectly reasonable, in your shoes I would have got it myself.
As for me the hobbyist, I don't see it justified for lack of need I rarely use my 10-18, and when I use it I never complained of f4.5 APS-C being the widest aperture, I already regret having Tokina 16-28 for film use since it's never leaving its original box, so no thanks I don't need it, and I don't see hobbyists like me needing such a lens.
There might be more lenses out there not aimed at you as hobbyist. You wanna comment on all of them? Why not just shut up if you haven't more to say then "I'll not gonna buy it"? You think anyone cares what you or me want to buy?
It's a forum where everyone has something for say, I said that such a lens should be for a specific niche of people who actually need it. And who are ready for price and weight compromises, where is the nonsense here ??
You'll likewise get an alternate point of view from different focal points. You don't need this impact, and afterward, it's ideal to ensure the skyline is in the focal point of the picture. TalktoSonic

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