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Funny, this (BCN rankings November 2018)
BCN counts about 2/3rds of the Japanese retail market.

Best selling camera in Japan for November 2018: 
1st. Canon EOS 200D 2 lens kit. 
2nd place: EOS M50 2 lens kit in silver. 
3rd place: EOS 800D 2 lens kit with lens. 
4th place: EOS M50 2 lens kit in black. 
5th place: Nikon D5300 2 lens kit lens. 
6th place: Nikon D5600 2 lens kit lens. 
7th place: Canon EOS 200D with kitlens.
8th place: Sony A6300 kitlens
9th place: EOS 750D  2 lens kit.
10th place: Nikon D3400 2 lens kit.

That makes the best selling mirrorless in Japan the EOS M50 (on place 2 and 4) and 2nd best the Sony A6300 on the 8th place.
I know it is a bit confusing when they rank different kits as separate items.
Well ... if you come with that one ... ;-)

I am, however, a bit surprised by this one:

So cheap crap does still sell?
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yep that's where real money is for manufacturers
I think that rankliist from BC and Klaus represents the real word. I simply realize that we are small community and our perception fur good and bad does not match the world.
(12-18-2018, 09:54 PM)Klaus Wrote: Well ... if you come with that one ... ;-)

I am, however, a bit surprised by this one:

So cheap crap does still sell?

Amazon might not be the primary place for photogs to shop. I bought two Sigma cameras there just because they were suddenly very cheap at Amazon, but basically that was a big exception - so, I'd take it with a grain of salt, these results. Or rankings. Can someone answer the question why the rankings should be of much interest to us? I mean, we're not manufacturers or market researchers, just users. If a camera is the right tool, I really don't mind if it's rank 1 or 20.
Assumming amazon is wrong source . What about google trends?
or Canon Digital rebel aigainst the whole mirrorless world
Olympus doesn't seem to be doing so well...
BCN Ranking is only calculate 'Off-line, digital discount store in Japan'. so its not entire market share of Japan. don't be upset or nervous.
Strange statistics, strange Japanese people. There is a guy whom I asked to write me a paper on the history of the photograph, optical nerd, says that it is ridiculous. He proved using facts that Nikon D3400 2 lens kit way much better than Canon EOS 200D

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