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Seems Sigma is rescueing Sony APS-C
I agree with Marco on "L mount would be better than E mount" if it's only a decision between the two. But then, more lenses are available for E-mount and by the time a reasonable (and affordable) selection of lenses will be available for L-mount, Sony still will remain a bit ahead. Anyway, once L-mount cameras become available as rental item, I'm too curious to try one. And still of today, I'm very curious what Sigma's 24×36 mm Foveon will bring on the table.
I know what Sigma's FF Foveon will bring... Very low DR, very high noise at medium ISO settings already, and problematic colours due to the way layers get their "RGB". And of course, always problematic aliasing as they tell everyone AA-filters are only to combat bayer issues.

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