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Sony A6400 announced
Just announced
real time eye autofocus is a great addition
Dunno why Sony removed IBIS....
Let's go to sleep again. Nothing to see here ...
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Can't agree more. And I bet menus are still a mess.
(01-15-2019, 09:15 PM)Klaus Wrote: Let's go to sleep again. Nothing to see here ...

      Why is that's compact, it produces excellent images that are far better than M4/ has fast auto-focus with eye detect that works........ a flip up screen for blogging and a bunch of features way above it's "paltry asking price"...which to me makes it a bargain......the eye detect is worth that alone. (a pity about the lack of IBIS however)

    It's nice to see that Sony hasn't abandoned the APS-C format.

    What the hell's wrong with it and what is your alternative preferred system?
Dave's clichés
Had it IBIS I would have got it frankly
David, I don't think is bad camera. It is just more of the same... Do you think A6300 owners will run to upgrade? And may be A6500 owners want to downgrade?
If Sony came up with some dedicated crop lenses it would've been different story.

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