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Pentax aufocus issues

I have a feeling that autofocus is not right in k-x.

For example im taking portrait at distance of 2 meters i need +3 correction. if subject moves 6 meters and i want take full body shot, i need +6 correction.
If shooting live view its OK, camera autofocus is fine.

Is this normal? anyone had same problems mybkexperience?
It is "normal" that for different distances, lenses that don't focus precisely (need calibration or can't be helped because of lens aberrations wreaking havoc with the AF sensor due to the wave lengths the AF sensor is sensitive to) need different AFMA values. It is lens dependent, how precisely your Pentax K-x can AF with PD AF.

Besides that, Pentax is not the best in focus accuracy. The newest models have have improved a bit, but the K-x is older.

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