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Full Olympus E-M1X specs leaked

competition at its highest all manufacturers  making new extremely capable cameras with features that were even unimaginable just a few years ago
Is this Olympus's last attempt at trying to make a truly pro M3/4rds camera?.........General Custer's last stand?

There's something pretty bizarre about it's get a camera that weighs "997 gms" width 144.4 mm × height 146.8mm × depth 75.4mm...

It's bigger/heavier than many FF fact it's only 18 gms lighter than the heavy's only sporting the M3/4rds sensor.... for the love of God!.....

Size comparison D500 147 x 115 x 81 mm, 860 g... ...D750 .....141 x 113 x 78 mm, 750 g

...... look a little closer and you'll find the EVF is still hanging in with the older 2.36 million dot EVF, where Nikon/ Sony/Canon are using the latest 3.6 million dots......RAW files are only 12 bit.....they've cut back on the IQ ingredients whilst feeding a never ending selection of pointless features.

This camera is for Gizmo-holics who would otherwise "have no other future path" with the M3/4rds system and have money that's burning a hole in their pockets......

.......and that fiery hole is unofficially reported to be $3,000.

Please someone tell me I've misunderstood the point of this big, heavy and expensive Christmas tree?
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Even if this one is super-capable - the form factor remains mad.
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High end performance for professionals, without the subject separation professionals want/need. Crazy indeed. Or does Olympus have any 150mm f1.4 and 300mm f2 lenses that I don't know about?
Only the 300mm f2.8 makes sense with this camera, but only having a 300mm lens is rather limiting.

20.4mp for MFT, that pushes the sensor quickly into diffraction softening territory. then again, the 50/80mp trick modes are quite smart, as they allow you to circumvent diffraction headaches while allowing high MP output with a pretty small sensor. Of course, these trick modes have limited use cases.

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