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Yongnuo 60mm f/2 macro
I haven't seen a  detailed review of this lens anywhere on the web. I would be interested in seeing the results.
Didn't know it existed
For ethical reasons Klaus didn't text any yongnuo because they are illegal copies and prefered ignoring them, now if this one is a home design....
I think it is probably a new design because I haven't seen anything similar to it. Of course, it may be a copy of a 50mm or 100mm design- I don't know.

Zeiss does make a lens somewhat similar in appearance, but it is a 50mm macro 1:2 magnification, not a 60mm 1:1 like this one.
Thanks, I had not seen that review. I think maybe I went to the link on my ipad, but it wasn't coming up. He mentions barrel distortion in the written review but I think he means pincushion distortion. Even so, it doesn't look like that much to me (depending on how geometrically accurate the fence is). I'll check out the video later.
And you somehow missed the vignetting when focussing further than just close up?

Lets recap. The lens is manual focus only. It vignets into mechanical shade when focussing further than 3 meters. It is not really sharp wide open, making the f2 aperture only a focus aid. It has issues with back light hitting the front lens. Other than just about every other macro lens, it has very noticeable distortion. Its only saving grace is the smooth bokeh. That is then the ONLY thing it does better than my Nikkor 55mm f3.5 Micro, which is a 1960's lens.
Even the prices for good copies of the Nikkor 55mm f3.5 and f2.8 Ai-S lenses make those much more attractive propositions.
Excuse me, but I was not extolling it's virtues. My only comment concerned the barrel distortion which actually appears to be pincushion distortion to me. Thanks for pointing me to the review.
For the time being, I won't review Yongnuo lenses. They are just too niche.
Similar to other Chinese brands, post-purchasing service is non-existent outside of China.
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"Its barrel heavily occludes/shades images shot at distances greater than 3 metres. Depending on the light, the corners turn either white or black. As a result, this lens is useless for landscape, architecture, and most portraiture." - unthinkable that they would be releasing it this way. I can understand that there are other lenses with somewhat similar issues - like the Canon 8-15 fisheye that is not exactly useful at - say - 9mm, but this still seems rather pathetic to me.

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