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Official Panasonic announcement is out


70-200mm f/4

50mm f/1.4

24-105mm f/4
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Don't see an AA-filter option for the S1R, a pity. Smart choice in first lenses. The 70-200mm is oddly heavy and wide (77mm filter) for an f4 lens of this type.the 0.25x mag. at 0.92m MFD makes me wonder if they tried to make it not focus breath (for video)?
The 50mm f1.4... 13 elements (2 less than the Canon RF 50mm) and the same weight as that Canon, while only being f1.4. Nice bokeh though (judging from one shot). Also quite a bit longer than the Canon.
And, nice to see that they gave the 24-105mm f4 1:2 macro ability.

Big and heavy (so no "mirrorless" advantage there), but pretty impressive. The price of that 50mm f1,4 is a bit silly though, with $2299,-
New Pana could do pretty good. They don’t go for volume (which is not a bad strategy considering market is shrinking), instead they play nicely their competitive advantages: excelent IBIS with dual IS and pixel shift as well as strongest video on the market, now both with 35mm sensor and with lenses able to pull focus manually. As bonus there is best in class EVF, able to lure in current DSLR users. I bet Sigma will also fill in with lower cost lenses soon.

This camerass are first MILCs with no compromises for pros, in particular for those that find Sony too small. The move that Canikon could not pull off as they have DSLR line to protect.

Good move. Will be fun to watch.
Since Panasnic has a video reputation, did they make the zoom lenses parafocal for video ?? yes a performant autofocus can correct it, but better have a parafocal lens from the beginning
Press release claims supressed (no, minimal ?) focus breathing for all 3 lenses, I didn’t notice info about parfocal design.

In intro video, DPReview’s Jordan seems pretty impressed with 3 new lenses’ suitability for video work.
Insanely expensive - even the bodies. No clue if it offers anything for the high prices. But at that price point and weight it better be good or will sink fast.
(02-02-2019, 12:09 AM)you2 Wrote: Insanely expensive - even the bodies. No clue if it offers anything for the high prices. But at that price point and weight it better be good or will sink fast.

They're not "insanely" expensive: the S1 is $200-400 more than the Nikon Z6 and the Canon R, but the Canon and Panasonic kits with their respective 24-105 f4 lens are actually the same price, $3400 (the Nikon kit is a lot more affordable, thanks to a simpler 24-70 f4 lens). The Panasonic lenses are more costly or have slightly lower specs than their Canon equivalents, but I guess that's mostly due to expected volume of sales.

To me, it seems that Panasonic tried to go straight for the professional market: 4K60, best viewfinder currently on the market (apparently), IBIS with OIS in certain lenses, and dual card slots. Canon and Nikon, on the other hand, have targeted the prosumer and wealthy amateurs first rather than professionals, with cameras that have several issues for pros (one card slot, disappointing autofocus, poor 4k recording capacities).

The question is "Will that work for Panasonic?". It seems to me that they are taking a lot of risks... but, if they ever want to break into professional photography and compete against Canon and Nikon (and Sony), now is the only time to do it, while the industry is shifting from DSLR to Mirrorless.
I guess Sigma will be key - if they prioritize L-mount over the others ...
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The L-mount has already more lenses to choose from (without an adapter) than the current offerings of Nikon and Canon. I don't see why Sigma should prioritize it? They can adapt the other 22 Art lenses to L-mount like they did with some of them for Sony mount, but then they're still heavy bricks.

I don't know if they'll make it in time to the party or if the 187 MP (or what remains of it in real world prints) doesn't attract potential customers more than a Sigma Foveon FF. Sigma has limited resources, I wonder what their next moves will be. But for sure they will offer a mount conversion service which makes sense for longer FL. However, If I had knew the specs of the Panasonics, I doubt I would go on with Nikon. Right now, investing in mirrorless FF appears to be like gambling with shares.

The good thing (being in my shoes) is, the Panasonic lacks of fully articulated LCD and I already do have two big and heavy DLSRs, I don't need one more big and heavy MILC that much. But if I'd be a videographer... Panasonic offers a battery grip, a very interesting set of mikes with phantom power supply (it appears), a much larger battery and three initially new and native lenses. With already 1150 comments on it there is some noise in the net generated by this new thing. One concern is, Samsung also once made a new thing...
Sigma will release cameras for L-mount which would be an argument to prioritize the mount - if they think that cameras are more than a hobby (which wasn't the case so far).
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji

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