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Preview: Fujinon XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro
It's still a team of 3, there's more work that needs to be done here than what is visible as published reviews.

Still, it is unfortunately true that sometimes "life happens", sometimes a lot of it (of either positive or difficult kind or both at once). That's why Klaus was left alone for quite a while with maintaining the site (which doesn't mean he didn't have to handle some unexpected challenges on top of it, too).

Thanks for your understanding and patience in this regard. Yes, all three of us do this in our spare time, and consequently occasionally need to step back because other things with higher priority happen.

On the other hand, Rover has a point, too: in order to keep at least some of the credibility this site has earned over time, it also needs a constant and regular flow of new content.

I can't recall if PZ/OL ever was the only missing step to decide on buying or not buying a lens. There are so many sources meanwhile to look for it, heck, I once even tried Dustin Abbott's sleeping pills on YouTube. I made very good experiences with renting a lens before buying it and avoided occasionally two or three disappointments.

Sometimes lenses are offered second hand, then OL is a very good source to check out the original price and possible weaknesses - as many sources as there are, few have such a complete œuvre of historic glass Smile tested at whopping 8 MP or so... I like to make fun out of the long periods of silence, but I also know Roger Cigala praises your site and lenscore's last test was March 2017. Apparently they gave up. OL is still alive although only by the community of like a dozen forum members occasionally putting a post into the dust.
Hey, I'm not complaining - who am I to be doing this? Just felt a little orphaned without reviews, checking a few times a day and not getting anything. The other sites have seemingly slowed way down as well, or maybe it's just an impression.

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