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New Tokina opera 16-28f2.8
Tokina just annnouced the new Tokina opera 16-28f2.8
It seems like old lens with a new silent autofocus motor, clutch is still there... and pointless "upgrades" like The directional rotation of the focus ring matches the direction of proprietary Nikon and Canon lenses.... nonetheless the old lens was already optically decent, Tokina still has a lot to do  do autofocus and stabilisation to compete with tamron and Sigma
I wouldn't really count on the silent autofocus motor either. Smile
Well, the finish looks nicer, doesn't it? The AT-X Pro design started to look a little dated.
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The heavy weight and protruding front element were the main issues with this lens for me, not the autofocus and finish, Tokina changed none of that, Imagine how it would look on A mirrorless body ?
It obviously would look the same on a "mirrorless body" as on a "mirrorinclusive body". And it is for F-mount or EF-mount anyhow. "Tokina has a lot to do do autofocus"... This update IS about AF performance, isn't it? And no UWA f2.8 lens I know of has IS...

If the lens is solid in regards to sharpness/contrast, and the price is considerably below the Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 L USM III, Tokina has an attractive offering in this lens.
Price-wise it is certainly attractive.
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji

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