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The big and beautifuls for L-mount
Not too exciting - Sigma will provide L-mount versions of their DSLR-centric ART prime lenses.
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Sigma is keeping SA mount, just because the father of the current CEO asked his son to keep Sigma as a camera company, manufacturing lenses in SA mount was quite a burden on Sigma, so L mount alliance is the perfect thing for them.
(02-26-2019, 08:49 PM)Klaus Wrote: Not too exciting - Sigma will provide L-mount versions of their DSLR-centric ART prime lenses.

I'd be very excited if Sigma came up with 11 Z line lenses. From a practical standpoint, 11 available lenses for L-mount are more exciting than 20 lenses on a roadmap which goes to 2021 and contains a couple of doublets with different apertures.

Best of it: If I'd lean towards Panasonic or Leica or the upcoming Sigma FF Foveon sensor, I could just get my lenses adapted to them. That won't happen tomorrow, but I must confess, I'm fed up with waiting for lenses and firmware updates. Nikon is too slow.
Joju, it appears you jumped on the Z bandwagon a bit too quickly... ;-)

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That's also my impression. I had too much the idea of fresh wind in old Nikon caves. You don't need to jump onto this bandwagon, it crawls so slowly that you can step on and off like in a very historic tramway. Don't get me wrong, the camera is a lot of fun, but lack of lenses slowly puts me off. If I could recognize interesting glass in their roadmap, that'd make a diff, but look at these twins or triplets occupying the positions for something like the Canon 70-200 shorty. In Canon's line-up of lenses it's hard to find something really boring, whereas Nikon appears to make "as dull as possible" the first bullet on their list of important features.

I mean, all these complaints about "Sigma just glueing the adaptor behind the lens" - Nikon doesn't even do that simple trick to bring out more and more interesting lenses. There's no macro, close to zero accessories, the big "eye-detect" mumbo jumbo will appear in May (and for sure disappoint a lot of people as it will most likely fall short of what Sony can do). They ask a lot of money for software based distortion correction in their lenses.
Joachim, I guess the E->Z mount adapter is right up your alley if it works right. Smile Right now Sony has the best lens lineup among the mirrorless of this exact sensor size (sincerely yours, Captain Obvious).
Not a single adapter more - and what good is a Sony lens in front of a Nikon 1st gen ML AF system? If I like to go this path, I can stay with FTZ and Sigmas in front of it.

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