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The new Fuji GXF-100 (100 Mps)
For the small target group the camera is aimed for it creates a lot of buzz. No Phase One or Hasselblad, not even the micro MF Pentax ever got so much attention. It looks like Fuji did a lot of things the right way, including their "Fujikina" to introduce it broadly to all "influencers". So everybody who'll never buy it is able to know what exactly he or she is not buying. In terms of competition, the GFX100S will give all the others MF types a hard wind into the face.

And maybe there are a lot of professionals just waiting to give their pictures the extra big plus of resolution for action pictures - most non-action stills could also be taken by stitching a couple of FF together.

However (and not that it matters), I'd pass on it even if I would get one for free. It would be cool to try it out - but handling these huge files would lead to another investment in really potent hardware, fast NAS, big printer. It's good it's out now, so I can see myself drawing a line at 50 MP in a smaller body. With them, I'm able to get the amount of details I wish to see, I'm able to crop and I'm able to use fast(er) lenses if I really want to have shallow DoF. I'm judging my pictures as "would not improve from double resolution".

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