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Sigma FF Non-Foveon in L-Mount
Because Klaus just loves stupidly nonsensical thread tiltes with no real information, I also just open a second thread  Tongue


Bets are open! How long between "teaser" and "real product"? One year? 20 months? 30 months? probably never?

And how do they fix that flash? With the cute strap attachements?

Edited just in time: First I thought "really? Foveon FF is ready to become a teaser?". But then...  Confused

Just another 24 MP Bayer-body. Right. Bayer ≠ Foveon, and DPReview stumbled into the same trap. I better get the reading business done...
Maybe Klaus loves to poke fun at us (a little), who knows. Smile
I'm slightly wondering how comfortable it is to hold this camera without the add-on grip.
Well, I'll see.
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And without an EVF... I wonder how much Lego ® like accessories they have to provide? But some elements look interesting: The "tone" button to apply or change a tone curve is nearly yelling "I'm a camera dedicated to tethered shooting".

Compact body and humungous lenses. Kinky... Huh

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