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The long-awaited 16-80mm f/4 seems to be ready
@toni: I'm not interested in DSLR for many reasons. So I'd only consider ML.

@BC: Unfortunately I don't know anyone with a Canon RP. What I like about Sony is that the mount specification is open, therefore you get many reliable 3rd party options. Since Canon, Nikon and Fuji use "closed" mounts, manufacturers have to reverse-engineer the protocol which sucks big time. AF might not be reliable since it's a best guess effort, and second they might decide to slightly change the protocol to make the lenses usuable. This is what has been happening in the DSLR world so far and is likely to remain the same with their ML offerings. So regardless of what Canon and Nikon do, I won't be interested (except opening up their mount protocol that is). Lastly, the Canon RP sensor is ancient.

@joju: I used to own a Sigma 17-70 in my Pentax DSLR days. It was an excellent lens. In fact, the most versatile standard lens I've ever used, and it was very good optically. I don't understand how Fuji can't manage to produce a good 16-80.

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