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Mini review of the Samyang AF 45 mm f/1.8 FE
(07-20-2019, 12:30 AM)Klaus Wrote: What I noticed - the bokeh shows some double-edged edges the last shot though (the castle).

Yes, but that's not the lens' fault. It's because I lowered the highlights a whole lot on the sky there. Both with the slider in the panel and then with a graduated filter too.
It was nearly completely blown out around the tower there, and instead of doing it properly (both in camera and later here in post) I just left it.

Here's the original. Including a bit of mud on her legs from when we walked through a park where it had just rained. You'll see that apart from the sky and the mud I really didn't adjust much at all, and the double edge is due to my editing of the top of the image and overdoing it. (I did mention it in the first post, but it does need this clarification.)

[Image: LeneForanSlottet-KalmarSlot-Orig.jpg]
[Image: Torben%20Lysholm%20Fotografi%20-%20Signa...skygge.png]

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