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Full frame digital vs large format film plus some equivalence talk...
(10-07-2019, 12:39 PM)thxbb12 Wrote: Unfortunately the gap will narrow extremely fast. 
Computing photography is only at its infancy. I don't like it one bit, but that's the sad truth. The days of system cameras are counted (except for some very specific niche needs).

Unfortunately I tend to want some numbers which you can't or don't want to deliver. I know and accept that phones take all the market for occasional holiday/everyday photography, so that market is lost for camera makers as they have no better answer than to pack more MP/functions/features into their products which makes them difficult or impossible to use without a long read or workshop before. That bit I get.

I also get that lens and sensor quality improved to the point no one on flickr/instagram/facebook and whatever channel you use to keep contact with the wide world and yourself occupied with patting the current tamagotchis.

What I don't get is why it ever should become cool or a sign of quality photography to use a smartphone as the downside is the very same downside each other camera has with only a LCD to work with. In bright sunlight you're pretty much f***ed with your tamagotchi. I don't see a gap closing, I see a simple toy becoming an expensive and complicated one.

And miro, feel free to talk as much rubbish as you want.

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