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Three primes (wide - normal/APS-C) from Tamron with 1:2 capability
(10-25-2019, 09:37 AM)JJ_SO Wrote: The 20 mm has a MFD of 11 cm. The length of the lens + flange distance = 82 mm. So, at 1:2 scale things happen less than 3 cm away from the lens' front. Pretty wow... In comparison, my Sigma needs 27.6 cm MFD. Really nice. Blotchy bokeh? yes, but as you say, what are the alternatives?

Exactly. In addition it looks like they perform well as landscape lenses. Now I'm thinking of when I go for a short hike in the woods near home and I want to stay super-light; macro opportunities are the most probable, but occasionally a landscape might be good. Both could perhaps be done with a single Tamron lens (20mm or 24mm).


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