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Panasonic Lumix Pro 70-200mm f/2.8 OIS and 16-35mm f/4 announced
Hmmm, if we were more people here in the forum, I would suggest a poll. I read you, thxbb12, but as I see it: if lightweight and small size are determinating a "buy/no buy" decision, FF will always be only second best - except you go Sigma fp - I don't share your judgement of ugly camera, but that's a matter of taste and I admit to prefer a well made UI and button layout against an only pretty body design.

Now, my idea of a poll is "would you buy a small FF body with some handicaps in usability?" and "would you buy slow but compact lenses if available - and why would you prefer them against moderate second hand manual focus glass?".

The result would still have to be larger than any µ4/3 combination. No one would save money - even if I consider that ML has to be cheaper than DSLR as a lot of mechanics simply doesn't exist, therefore no adjustments of mechanical/optical parts. As long as the sensor is exactly parallel and also sort of well centerred, I get the best possible picture out of it.

Do you remember some o the old Yashica and Olympus designs in film cameras when the whole camera was more or less built around the (fixed) zoom lens and you hold it like a video cam? Yashica's "Samurai" or Olympus' iS-3000? If you adapt to the Sigma fp some Leica M-lenses, I don't think any other manufacturer would get a more compact system to market.

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