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Sigma SD Quattro H and manual legacy lenses?
Can someone please outline how well the Sigma SD Quattro H works with legacy manual lenses?

First maybe in theory. How is the mechanics, geometry, flange distance etc for suitability for producing adapters. How suitable is the sensor. Usually it is the wider angles which sensor has to struggle with.

Then in practice. Anything available at the moment? Anyone with experience?

I have a bunch of Konica AR seventies lenses that works fine on the Sony A7Rii. I borrowed that camera for a while but I do not have access to it now. The SD H is looking good price-wise.

Kind regards..
What is attractive about the SD Quattro H, to you? The very low DR, the heavy high ISO noise, the 1.3x crop factor, the limited RAW conversion options? It has a 25.5mp sensor.

That Sigma has the SA-mount, which has a flange distance similar to that of the Canon EOS line (44mm), but a narrow mount diameter (similar to Pentax), making it less suitable to adapt certain mount types than Canon EF mount.
Konica AR-mount has a flange distance of 40.5mm, making both that EF mount and SA mount quite unsuitable. You need to be able to fit an adapter between camera and lens, and with a negative flange distance difference that is not possible. That is only possible with an adapter with integrated tele converter optics, which never give really good results.

No idea which lenses you have, to see if it is actually worthwhile to choose a camera to use them with. You are used to full frame (A7r II), and with all the limitations of tat Sigma, other cameras are probably a better idea. Newer Sony FF cameras have in-body image stabilisation, maybe you will find that important. Another option can for instance be a Canon EOS RP (low price), but it lacks in-body IS.
If you do not care about the FF field of view, you can also look at APS-C cameras (Sony, Canon, Fuji).
BC, the old Foveon-hater Big Grin You don't even know that Sigma allows RAW in DNG? Not very good - but superbig ones, though, which nobody wants to work with, but hey - in the name of legacy lenses one has to swallow a lot of compromises anyway.

But I admit, legacy lenses on an exotic mount like Sigma SA is a really bad idea, no matter how good or meh the camera behind the mount is. I'd suggest to wait for the FF Foveon body with L-mount. Then you can at least get an adapter and use your "precious legacy lenses" on a Leica or Panasonic, Hayley 736.

Or stay simply with Sony.

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