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Sigma fp selling well in Japan...
Seems Sigma fp is selling very very well in Japan. 
Also the kit with 45mm lens has made good sails figure.. Being in L Mount alliance reassures customers, they can still use their lenses on Panasonic and Leica
In Japan everything cute flies. It was also the only market with massive sales of Pentax Q cameras.
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And it is the introduction sales wave, will it hold?
I'm very surprised, there IS a noticeable introduction sales wave: It's "only" another Bayer sensor, and a million people ROFLed and were asking funny questions or knowing this will be the end of Sigma cameras and they never gonna make it. 
At this price one gets a Pana S1 which also has L-mount and video and nearly 6 MP EVF. So, maybe this modular concept is at least a unique selling point Smile I like this punch in the face of all Sigma (camera) despisers. But I actually don't understand this kind of (small) hype. I see it as a niche but apparently other people don't. At the end - beware! - they gonna make money with it?
You are funny, JoJu. I have nothing against Sigma, just the bad cameras they have put out are not very desirable (crazy slow, crazy low computing power, crazy featureless, crazy foveon sensors). That is not despising Sigma. Yay for Sigma when they introduce actually good cameras, just like Yay for Sigma when they bring good/great lenses.
"Sigma cameras are deccelerating the way I compose my pictures". Now imagine that with voice of the guy from three blind men and an elephant...
Big Grin

You're right. So far their cameras were slow and also years behind others. (Of course, you're completely wrong about Foveon but that's fine, too) I still don't have the feeling that this one is top notch or endangering Sony's pole position in ML world. But hey, so far it was less a sidebusiness than a hobby and now it apparently pays off to go a different (and not necessarily better) way.

The only camera I miss in L-mount-land is one with fast PDAF, else than that this mount has to offer a lot of interesting concepts: cameras which are not mainstream. Of course, they will have disadvantages like any other system, but it really is a choice.
The downside to the L-mount in comparison to the Nikon Z-mount is the more limited diameter (48.8mm, vs 55mm for the Z-mount) and the flange distance (20mm, same as Canon RF-mount, vs 16mm for the Z-mount). So in theory, there can be lenses designed for for instance Sony FE (18mm flange distance) and Nikon Z that will not fit Canon RF and L-mount due to the slightly bigger flange distance (and lenses can be designed for RF and Z-mount that won't fit L and E-mount due to limited mount diameter).

That is looking at the platform (mount) rather than individual camera models. But few choose a platform because of 1 certain special lens, of course.
When I look at the rear end of the 4 S-lenses I have so far, none of them is even close to take advantage of the big diameter. The short distance - maybe. But with the short distance came the colour blobs caused by light reflecting from the sensor to the lens' rear end and back to sensor which I never saw with larger flange distances. 

If Nikon comes up with more costly f/0.95 lenses I don't think I will benefit ever from the bigger mount. For f/1.8 the smaller L-mount will do.
FWIW, here's an enthusiastic user ...
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
I guess you are not familiar with mr Huff's infomercials yet? This "review" reads like any/every "review" he ever writes. This Sigma may well be a nice camera, just pointing out that mr Huff is not to be taken that seriously when he writes these articles.

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