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Anyone tried Luminar 4 ?
On paper it seems to have some interesting features, and I am looking for an alternative to DXO who never lacks excuses to ask for more money
I believe there is a 7 day free trial - just use it.

My observations:
The good:
*AI features can make quick edits that will look pleasing to most audiences
*Includes a bunch of presets that you might actually use
*Good set of features like orton effect, skin smoothing, etc that normally require you to move into Photoshop

The bad:
*AI filters can create some weird looking artifacts (obvious haloing, etc) sometimes, especially when turned all of the way up - nothing you can do to fix it.
*Slow. The software is quite sluggish even on very fast computers with SSDs.
*The bad handling of edges in the AI features doesn't give me much confidence for the rest of the functionality
*Apparently the app is not color managed. ON A PHOTO EDITING APP

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