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Sony FE lenses on the Z7
Does anyone here happen to have experience with using the Techart Pro TZE01 adapter?

According to the specs, it allows the use of E-mount lenses on the Z7, with full electronic coupling, including autofocus and image stabilization.

If this is actually true, it would, for example, enable the use of the 100 STF OSS on the Z7... an exciting thought Wink

Exciting for people with a Sony mirrorless camera and a set of lenses for it, just to check if that Nikon menu is really thaaaat much better (which I doubt a bit - if one survived the Sony menu, he will find a needle in any haystack).

I don't see myself buying into Sony glass. It could be interesting to compare the longer lenses - like 150-600 or 200-500 adapted F-glass with Sony's native mirrorless 200-600, but the outcome will be nearly identical mediocre, I guess?

But okay, this way I could get access to the 3 Sigma DN types or some of Tamron's offerings. Before any of thsi companies considers to make S-mount lenses... if they consider it at all given Nikon's decreasing sales?
Agree mostly, there aren't really that many lenses that would justify investing into the adapter. As a Nikon shooter, I'd rather use an FTZ and adapt F-mount lenses to fill the gaps in the Z lens lineup (if I were serious about actually using the Z system). And I honestly don't see any reason for current Sony owners to switch or build a Z system in parallel.
The 100 STF OSS is one of the few lenses though that simply doesn't exist for any other system. And, uhm, Klaus' review copy happens to sit on my desk right now... very tempting Wink

250$ promises a solid piece of gear. And it comes with a dock ro upgrade the firmware.

Sigmas mount conversion services won^t be cheaper - if they ever offer it for the Z-system.

At the moment there's a 10% rebate offering for each Z-gear. I felt tempted to get the 24/1.8. But on cameralbs I read their copy was decenterred and I already have the 24 mm covered twice. If I need faster aperture, I'll go 24/1.4 Art.
Wonder which approach is better Sony STF or Canon DS...
Last I heard, there was even a (live) EF to Z adapter so the Z mount looks like the most adaptable on the market. At least on paper.

I know I would've been adapting E mount glass if I had gone to the Z mount (the thought had crossed my mind but it's not financially feasible for me to switch to anything).

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