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Your suggestions, my photos are on hard disks doing nothing....
Ask Flickr what? Who is waiting for another pointless Flickr poster? Ask Facebook what? Which the same friends are who always like whatever post you made? Ask Smugmug what? Why no one ever goes there? .....  .......... .. .

.... . . ...... .. . He asks about a gallery, and you only come up with 2 "social media" photoupload websites that have the attraction of a dead zombie, and Facebook. 

If it is about the pleasure of sharing to your friends, there is indeed Facebook, and I am quite sure that is not what Toni is looking for. .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... ........ ......... ..........

As far as "social media" goes, only Instagram comes to mind. But that is not so much about a "gallery" than about a slowish, constant trickle of image posts to gain and keep an audience
 No recommendations here for either Facebook or Smugmug ......just that they are popular photo sites and therefore there will attract views (which is after all what Toni was looking for) ......
   Though, I get the feeling that you just don't like publishing images on online photo-sites at all .... social or otherwise.
   I'm happy with Flickr as a photo-site ....... because of it's ease of use and the fact that it is very active ..... groups and affiliations prevent the need to look at images I'm not interested in ..... such as street photography and sports.
     ....... So, the fact that somebody completely unknown to me, looks at my images and for no other reason other than by his own free-will .... follows, comments, votes or favourites ....... means at least that my time and effort isn't all for nothing!
   Though perhaps, I could take up basket weaving!  Smile

Here's a site I made earlier:
Dave's clichés
I have several approaches:

I create albums in Facebook. There are ways to share with non-facebook users too. I share trips and images I like. Making your own webpage isn't that hard either. I did this a long time ago.

For post trips, I'll buy the 12 picture 4x6 collage frames. In these I try to tell the story of my trip. IOW, I put images from most of the places I went whether or not they are a great shot. When I was married, my wife used to scrapbook. She made our trips so much fun.

For my keepers, in my office I have basically a collage of frames on the wall. Most are 9x12 inch, some are bigger. These are held up by the 3m Picture Hanging Strips which are easily removable from the wall and basically velcro the frame to the wall. This makes it easy to pull the frame off the wall and swap out pictures . Also allows for easy rearranging without having a bunch of holes in the wall.

Once they come off my wall they go into an Art Portfolio Presentation books. These come in all sizes and quality and are easy to pull out to share. IMO, having real pictures in front of you is nicer than going through a monitor. For one thing, the people looking can go through at their own pace. They're easily portable too and protect the photos.

This may be a hard option for you, but most of the places by me that make prints will also make printbooks. I know people who like to do these. Maybe once my walls are filled with my trip collages this will be the next option:-)

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