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Samsung S20 Ultra ... thoughts?
(02-14-2020, 10:12 PM)Klaus Wrote: As some may have noticed I'm fairly open to computational support in cameras - which isn't all that new when thinking of auto-correction.

Now looking at the S20 Ultra I'm starting to wonder whether this is already "good enough" for me to a certain degree at least. Ok, that ultra-wide camera is probably still meh but the overall package is close.

At least one of the sensors isn't that small anymore either (1/1.3").

I don't own the s20 so can't comment on the camera but i do have the note 9 (which has two rear cameras) and i can make this comment. The wide angle lens is pretty sharp and i can crop/enlarge a bit when I want to get some details of something. The telephoto lens sucks optically and i can't enlarge much because the image lacks resolution. Now i can't comment if this is just my phone or an issue with blur (flash doesn't help so i don't think so; also it doesn't look like blur it just cant' capture much details). Therefore more often than not i'm better off using the wide angle lens and cropping than using the telephoto lens which is quite annoying. 

As for the s20 if it is anything like the note 9 where only one of the lens is optically high resolution i'd be very unhappy given teh price point. Having said that i'll at least look at the note 20; though i'm more likely to wait for the 21 or 22 as I prefer to keep my phone 4 years (my last upgrade - note 4 to note 9 was due to several years of no updates).

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