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Panasonic L-mount roadmap 2020
(02-28-2020, 08:53 AM)JJ_SO Wrote:
(02-28-2020, 08:12 AM)davidmanze Wrote:
(02-27-2020, 09:34 PM)Klaus Wrote: See attachment

Another start from scratch lens range ...... another round of F1.8 lenses ...... ahhhh yawn ...... 

   I wonder if the FF Panasonic is going to make it frankly .... with it's bizarre CD AF ........ who's buying it? ...... very few !!

 Nikon rumours are sniffing out leaks that the newly supposed Z8 and the D860 will have a new 60 MPs sensor ...... 

  I wouldn't risk my hard earned heritage on any L mount system lens or camera ......

   ......... would you? ..........    anybody?

   Don't shout all at once !!  Smile

Aaah, cattle grid dave's back!   Tongue Hiya, nearly missed you.

I deciphered three question marks, the first answered by two exclamation marks, so not to worry about that bugger.

You belong to the guys only seeing one manufacturer when it comes to L-mount stuff. And since you're too much of a DSLR grandpa, you wouldn't buy into mirror-less anyway, right, hard earned heritages and so on.

I guess, that Panasonic approach is simply not your cup of tea  Shy

But looking at their lens line-up, I'd say their first 3 lenses were a better choice than say, Nikon's Z weird-nesses. I tried a 70-200/4 and a 24-105/4. The 50/1.4 as well, but I'd go for the Art version anyway. The whole stuff is heavier, yes, but feels more solid and well thought than Z - they even offer a DECENT battery  grip (I was yelling at Nikon, not you dave).

Nikon needed 3 FW updates to get a sort of usable AF tracking, the electronic level blotch is still as ugly as it gets.

The L-system is supposed to offer 42 lenses (more than half of it adapted) by the end of 2020, heck, even if you'd like to blow 8k $ or £ to a lens: Leica has something for you which might just be more useful than a bloody MF 58 mm chunk.

I don't think Panasonic will ever get into "sold out" or "out of stock" troubles, but then again: Where's Nikon's 70-200/2.8? Not in your shelf and 3k$ in Nikon's pockets, it's still not available, the mystic 500/5.6 PF E - I touched it once but was hesitating to throw 4k$ at it. And now it's still not available. Having to choose between 58/0.95 MF and 35/1.2 AF I'd go for the wider.

Of the only 3 Panasonic lenses I tried so far Nikon doesn't offer anything similar. Panasonic covers natively a range of 24-200 mm.

Nikon? 2 years after start still no 70-200 S lens. May I call that "testimony of arrogance and incompetence"? No, they delivered some lenses, which once were the designated cheapo apertures.

If I were mainly into landscape and studio portraits, I "would have" already turned my back on the yellow logo.
    One question mark = ...... an ordinary question.
    Two question marks = ....  are you serious??
    Three question marks = .. your must be kidding ..... you need check up from the neck up !! :Smile Wink 

What's with the cattle grid ?? ....... I take size 10/45 foot-ware so no probs!!

  I'm probably ill informed as to your latest camera buys ...... I guess I blinked .... what is your L mount camera?
  It's not that it isn't my cup of tea ..... although it isn't, it's maybe just not for many that are not video centric ...... and that's most shooters.

         Nikon is still trying to shake off it's reputation from it's mediocre AF-C start with continuing FW updates, but the principals are right and they're getting there ...... 
....Panasonic will need a complete rethink and will have to start from ground zero with OSPDAF ...... a risky plan that could take too long.
  Your 70-200mm F2.8 will turn up soon and will be worth the wait .... you've got enough glass to cover it in the meantime. 
 The Z8 is rumoured to have twin card slots and a portrait battery grip with all the buttonage .... as well as higher resolution ...... 

  Well, I set the world to rights ...... and all before 11 o'clock Smile
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