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Preview: Fujinon XF 16-80mm f/4
Hello, I have been following this site for years, and years, first thanks for all the test in the past. This site is one of the few that "Tells it like it is" and is much appreciated! This has saved me time, money and aggravation, this cannot be understated! Obviously I'm interested in this lens, and have read some reviews that range from happy to horrendous, mostly the latter.

I see there is a sample gallery posted and honestly I was surprised that the images posted were not as bad as I thought. My question is this: how is the lens in the 60-70mm range @ F5.6? I have not come across any shots in this area. Is it better than at 80mm? The reason I ask is that I would be perfectly happy with a 16-60 or 70mm, a 24-105mm FF equivalent. If the lens is good at 70mm I can live with that, even if 80mm is subpar, I want the lens because of the convenience (macro, IS, etc.), and just back it off from max range.

My personal experience is that I prefer f4.0 versions of lenses than f2.8 zooms, mostly due to size and weight issues, especially as sensor technology is so good now the loss of a stop is fine if it takes some kilos out of the backpack!
I currently have the 10-24mm, 55-200mm and 18-55 f 2.8-4.0 I'm reasonably happy with these lenses.
Thanks for your thoughts.
Big Grin 
I am looking forward to seeing the review for this lens! I am considering it as a hiking lens that is attached to my camera most of the time. The pictures in the sample gallery didn't look as bad as I expected, perhaps this lens is better than the 18-135 even?

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