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Lenstip review of the Nikkor Z 24-70 f/4

 A good all round kit lens which is viable when you buy it with Z FF camera ..

Off topic: 

Lenstip like to use the word "fastness" (I didn't see it in this review but) 
....... eg. the F2 lens has a better fastness than an F2.8 ...... 

...... in the above fastness would mean "not changing" .. as in "my blue T shirt is colour-fast" ... will hold it's colour after washing ... or ..... the ship is tied up fast to the quay.  ie. it cannot move.

"Fastness  therefore means unchanging and bears "no" relation to speed ....... and is rarely used in common English.

      the F2 lens is faster than the F2.8 .... is the right way!

Maybe Markus might like that?
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