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Forums > Back > So even the Russians are making lenses for Sony FE now ...
(09-26-2020, 02:50 PM)llemke Wrote: I would never think, that Russians take part in making Sony products.
they do  not make Sony products...
I have a Sony memory card - MicroSD - that is made in Russia. Just sayin'. Smile

(surprisingly the bundled adapter is "made in China", but it's always the adapters that break first anyway...)
I was always wondering why Russia is so weak in terms of manufacturing.
They have great engineers, some of the best mathematicians on the planet, and all the raw material you can think of.
At least some of the military might should have made it into civilian products.
I suppose that corruption is easier than manufacturing.
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It's not that simple. There is a long standing aversion to domestic products here, running all the way to the days of the USSR, as they were perceived to be intrinsically of inferior quality (and, suffice to say, there were reasons for the sentiment). Hence the efforts to foster it by the government are met with indifference at best, resistance at worst and derision throughout. You got it right, the military and state sector are therefore at the forefront, but they cannot pull the consumer market out by themselves. The fact that the "reformers" of the early 90s believed that we do not need industry and can buy everything with money gotten from selling oil and gas is another root of the problem, because, in short, it does not work for a country of 145 million souls. Heck, it doesn't even always work even with all these small petro-states in the Middle East and Asia, as I heard that - say - Kuwait is already in trouble.

There is a strong machinery and shipbuilding sector (say, just a week ago a new nuclear icebreaker has been commissioned) but I feel that the government doesn't do nearly enough to foster it all. It's partly due to the "strategy" of hiding their heads in the sand and waiting / hoping for better times. It's a bit sad and telling that the communists, of all the parties, have the soundest strategy in this regard, even though they have their own set of issues that explains why they have 10-15% of electoral support tops... The usual "opposition" is much worse as they're clearly in favour of breaking up, privatising, selling and destroying everything again.

That said... Domestic made public and rail transport is very good, I like it. There's probably more to note but I'm kinda not in the best shape to think of it all now. :-) I'm in a relaxed vacation mood so forgive me for not being very thorough in my research. :-)

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