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Nikon Z mount lenses reviews
(08-12-2020, 09:59 AM)mst Wrote:
(08-06-2020, 01:52 PM)faint Wrote: And, mst, since you are still in Germany, once you start reviewing stuff again, could you politely ask Zeiss to give you some copies of the Milvus and Otus lines and have them tested on D850 or Z7?

That is, honestly, unlikely to happen. First of all, there is a huge pile of more mainstream stuff that I need to work on, first. Milvus and Otus lenses target a niche market, so have no high priority on our side. But at least for the Milvus lenses that still use the same optical design as the older ZE/ZF lenses, you can get an impression from our past reviews of those lenses.

In addition, we usually do not ask the manufacturers for loaners (with the exception of small brands) to avoid being accused of getting 'golden samples'.

However, I once got in touch with Zeiss quite a few years ago and asked if this was an option, maybe. Their answer was very clear and it was obvious between the lines they did not consider us to be a serious review business (such a small team, no professional background in photography, and we don't even publish on paper!).

I would slightly disagree with you regarding the Milvus line. First - half of the lenses are actually all-new designs; namely: 2.8/18mm, 1.4/25mm, 1.4/35mm, 1.4/50mm, and 1.4/85mm. I own or have tried some of these lenses, and, for some reason, they are truly capable of making you stop thinking and get a loan from the nearest bank office, dunno why. If Zeiss can push you that far, I don't really want hold a Leica in my hands...

While the Otus is certainly in another price range, my personal opinion is that the Milvus line deserves a head-to-head test against current competition. Since all lens prices tend to skyrocket, there might be some sense in buying a Zeiss. E.g. I'm not quite happy with how some of the Z lenses render, nor how sharp they down to the corner, so I'm really open to sacrifice AF for IQ. And I can assure you, the lenses that I have mentioned above, can definitely hold their own against any current Z S-Line prime lens.

Just a personal view, no pressure! It's not the best time to think about spending money anyway, so...
You just can't have too many lenses...

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