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Macbook Pro display backlit went the way of the Dodo
Just sharing a little story here.

I've been using a Macbook Pro (2017) for a bit of editing, development, browsing, etc.
Last week the display died - to be precise - the backlit.
It's a bit of known problem albeit the 15" model is not part of the recall around this.

Fortunately, I purchased a 2-year warranty extension ... which was on its last days now - so rather than going for a new one I engaged the Apple service.

I've to admit that I'm quite baffled by what they did. Rather than just fixing the broken display cable they ...
* exchanged the whole display including the display housing (there was a dent in it before)
* exchanged the keyboard (ok, this one was subject to a recall but it actually worked for me so far)
* exchanged the battery (!)
I'm almost sure that the only thing original is the motherboard/SSD. Even the base looks pristine now and I'm pretty sure it wasn't like that before.
The repair costs (covered by the warranty) were AUD 1526 - or more than 1/3rd of the price of a new MB Pro 15. Handed it over on Saturday afternoon - was ready Monday morning.
Funnily only the display is listed on the invoice.

Now you could indeed argue that it shouldn't have happened in the first place but I'd like to see such a service from a camera manufacturer when it comes to average Joes. Of course, we could dream ...
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