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Macbook Pro display backlit went the way of the Dodo
Very contoversial story. I would understand why they would proceed with chaning the whole assembly rather than a single part - it's easier to keep the whole assembly in stock, and it reduces the risks involved fixing the issue. In addition, labour also costs a lot, so this way they might be actually saving costs.

No comments about their policy either - I had a friend with a MacBook Pro with a known nVidia chip issue, and there was an official recall too, although the machine was out of warranty when the issue manifested itself. The local Apple service requested some ridiculous figure for diagnostics only, without giving any guarantees that they will replace the MoBo; they actually quoted something like EUR 500 to do so. Having heard this, and several other stories, there's no way I'm buying an Apple product myself.

Regarding analogy with photo brands - I had a meh experience with Canon, Nikon, Sigma, and Fuji, but you know that testing optical stuff can be quite time consuming. I also suppose that it really depends on where you live after all - smaller countries may not be very cost effective maintaining qualified staff and huge stocks. PCs are usually easy to fix and there are more people that can do that, but optimizing cost can really have a detrimental effect on service quality, which is why I will never buy Lenovo stuff here anymore. On the other hand - higher margins allow companies to offer support on just another level - my Eizo was sent to Germany, repaired, calibrated and returned faster than it took Dell to arrange an exchange locally, which is another brand I won't buy, ever.
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