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Macbook Pro display backlit went the way of the Dodo
I gave up on laptops and went with a desktop and two good sized Samsung monitors. I can't complain about the performanceSmile For travel, and to sit around and surf while watching tv I picked a tiny 2 in 1 W10 Acer. It was less than $200us. But, I don't expect to do any real processing on this. I won't care if it dies in a few of years. I had my last Acer about 3 years until my ex wife threw it and broke the screen.

Honestly, I'll say I thought her MB was a bigger PIA than my HP laptop. I'm glad they're both gone! The HP is still ticking after 12 years. I use it in my music studio.

My office bought me a custom built Dell. It's totally about performance. But it's brick and costs $$$$. But at the office I mostly use a desktop with three large monitors; one vertical. For work I have an iPhone 7. I prefer my old personal droid over it. However, it's been around way too long. The camera seems old fashioned compared to the new ones...

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RE: Macbook Pro display backlit went the way of the Dodo - by mike - 08-12-2020, 02:44 AM

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