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sample gallery - Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS
Pretty much everything is awesome about (most) Sony cameras - except that my hands are incompatible with the Bauhaus styling. I don't even have an issue with the menu system.
Put an EOS R or Nikon Z body around the electronics and things would be cool.
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While there are some improvements, the Sony menu system keeps on being unlogically ordered, overly complex and temperamental.
A7 III "mind map" of the menu system:
It is not even complete with its 900 nodes.

You need many clicks to change not so obscure settings, and seemingly connected settings are in totally different sub menus.

Rover, I suspect you are not used to touch screens on cameras yet, but even there Sony is floundering still. My by now very old EOS M has a pretty well designed and functioning touch screen interface/functionality. The new Sony A9 II's touch interface is still lacking in comparison to Canon's first try. According to dpreview, the interface operation on that A9 II still lags (slow response to operating it).Again, in comparison, no such lag on my very ageing EOS M.
Then there is the annoyance still that exposure settings from video and stills carry over... Why?
And then there is the haptics and button placements.

Sony still has not fixed its RAW format either.

And then there are the PD AF lines that show up in backlight conditions in images.
I am in fact a sucker for touch screens on photo cameras. My secondary units - the 80D and the 650D before it, which is now in the possession of my wife - both have it. When articulated, it makes a great tool. If only my primary camera could be updated to have that.
I tried a Sony A7IIIR for a few days and didn't enjoy shooting with it at all. The menus are OK, but the way of operating the camera was a bit strange to me (coming from Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Nikon). I found other brands of cameras much easier to operate (even Oly with their horrible menu - at least the super control panel fixes most issues). Also, I wasn't impressed with the AF despite the continuous raving from dpreview. I thought it would be much better than my lowly X-T20, but it wasn't the jump I was hoping for.
I really like the overall FE lens lineup though, especially small 3rd party options from Tamron and Samyang. The idea of being able to use these lenses on a Z body is very attractive. However, these adapters are not perfect (i.e. not 100% compatible) given they reverse engineer the protocols... So that's another issue.

I guess I will stick to Fuji for the time being ;-)

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BC, there are lot o influencers on internet throwing comments on Sony cameras. In my experience the comments on Sony menues and controls are quite overblown. Once the camera is configured it's fine. It takes some time getting used for sure, but it is not terrible.

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