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A7C announced
Well, few thoughts. For one, I appreciate the fact that Sony has launched small 35mm camera, rangefinder style. Sure, bigger share of users fancies SLR type, yet there are those who like a smaller one. 

A7C has it’s value selling points. It is significantly smaller that other lot of R5, S5 or Z5/6/7. User interface and camera shape is a personal matter, and some, including me, enjoy flatter, rangefinder design. Easier to carry, more streamlined with smaller primes, less nose on the screen. As one who has recently moved to RF style after decades of using SLR can attest for that. ;-)

Sure, there are compromises. Smaller viewfinder, yet it is comparable size to 80D, for example. No joystick, yet touchpad AF is working great unless screen is wet. Is it worth it? It depends, I would say.

Point being, choice is good. Claiming one style fits all is like all cars need to be SUVs. They don’t.
(09-15-2020, 04:27 PM)davidmanze Wrote:
(09-15-2020, 12:30 PM)Brightcolours Wrote: Vlogging on meter long selfie sticks with MILCs?
Right Dave..... Sure looks like you know what you are talking about.....

  Why do you think this camera is there ............. for the benefit of the weak and fragile ??

  ...... in the end we all know your just a full on lovesick Canon fanboy ..... brown nose and all !!

You are getting nastier by the week, Dave. You are the one trolling about the R5 constantly, that does not make me what you wrote just there. In your earlier post here you wrote nonsense, no one vlogs with a real camera on a 1 meter long selfie stick. 

Now go ponder on why you have changed your behaviour, it is a mystery to me...

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