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That Canon link is now linking to the Nikon Z9 sports camera
I don't know how much IBIS cost but one difference between canon, sony and nikon is canon and sony can use other businesses to help fund their photographic business. While this is more likely to be true with sony than canon; canon might be more concern about lens profit than camera body.

having made the above comments nikon (or nikon bodies) have always been a lot more expensive than canon (at least in USA; yes there are a few exceptions) as well as a lot more anal with warranty coverage (canon for years could care less if body was grey where nikon would make authorized repairs next to impossible much less warranty repair - to be fair some of this might have to do with how nikon handled distribution vs canon - i.e, nikon business model differs from canon).
It would be interesting to understand actual break down of profit margin on camera bodies to reduce speculation and provide a more factual understanding of what is happening with regards to prices. Of course what is happening might be different between different vendors. For example Canon might have better scale of sales, sony internally funds photographic or nikon might charge by feature rather than production cost or feature might actually cost more due to how technology transfers in japan. Lots of possibilities.

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