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(10-20-2020, 09:41 PM)Klaus Wrote: I sort of expect, however, that the market saturation will come way faster than in the photography segment.
I'm still wondering where the hyped 8K fits into all this.

Agreed, the problems I mentioned above are really bad when there isn't a "legit" source putting out a video. The legit sources do seem to make it to the top of the search when they exist, fortunately:-) 

I'm a lot of this has to do with regional copywrite laws. For instance, there was a time I could go watch live feed on-line and last hour of coverage later on youtube for bike races. All these pipelines have been blocked in the US. I get the feeling vloggers will meet this same peril. Especially because the only way to get the feeds is to pay for a service now.

8k, IMO, is premature. 4k hasn't even got traction yet. Furthermore, the best part of 4k, on my 65" 4k OLED tv, which is good size in the room it's in, is HDR. That's when they make good use of it too. In general, HD quality is hard to tell 4k from 1080 at this size and as close as you would reasonably be viewing

I think by the time 4k is 100% the norm, the next step up will be 16 or 32k and even a bigger color space.

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