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DXO photolab 4 vs 3 nothing changed or did it ??
DXO just launched version 4 but checking the two versions almost nothing new
interface rearranged (but do we have to pay for that)
noise reduction improved with deep prime, but deep prime isn't practical....with more than 10 minutes per file for EOSRP 26MP RAW on AMDA10 with 8GB RAM and SSD that's excessive... even if those are rather outdated specs it is still too slow. wonder who would pay his money for such an impractical update
This is one of the reasons why I use the open-source RAW converter RawTherapee :-)

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checking the output, quite impressive, this 1oo% crop at ISO 5000
What does the full image look like? It somehow does not look like a 100% crop.
After some use, it seems deep prime noise reduction is quite innovative, although it takes ages to process each photo doing demosaic with noise reduction at the same time seems to be the way to go.
The quality of noise reduction is impressive not matched by competitors, I made yesterday prints on A4 of photos taken at ISO 8000 and they were really clean, with all details there without the airbrush look after noise reduction.

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