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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's ...
Well, making a review costs about 250USD in rental costs. We do about 40 reviews a year. Plus gear replacements (the R5 wasn't cheap ...). Plus operating costs for the servers.
And that's prior to any earnings. Sustainability would require a minimum of $20K. We are below that already in 2020 already.

The number of overall readers is still Ok around 100K/month. This sounds high but these days the ad action has shifted to Youtube and we won't go there really.
FWIW, we receive around 5 donations per month which covers ... around 1/4th of one review. ;-)

The aspect that is really hurting is the lack of Nikon reviews. They used to produce more revenue than Canon for whatever reason (even more fanatics?).

Well, fortunately, PZ/OL was never the primary source of income so there is no drama here on a personal level.

Anyway, let's enjoy the last year together. There's still a faint hope that Markus will finally come out of his hibernation mode regarding Nikon Z. Never say never. ;-)
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