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Which zoom is the best?
(12-29-2020, 08:46 AM)fernandoj Wrote:
(12-29-2020, 08:05 AM)thxbb12 Wrote:
(12-29-2020, 07:28 AM)Klaus Wrote: I wouldn't put an Oly lens with IS on a Panasonic body - that's a waste of IS potential.

I'd vote for:
- Oly E-M5 III w/ Olympus 12-100mm f/4 IS
- Panasonic S5 w/ Panasonic 24-105mm f/4 IS
- Canon EOS R6 (or maybe R) w/ Canon 24-105mm f/4 IS - I wouldn't go for the RP really due to the shitty sensor.
- Sony A7 III w/ Sony 24-105mm f/4 OSS

From there on it's a matter of use case and preference.

I'm not sure about the G9/GX9 - if I had to guess I'd say that Pana is going to focus on L-mount with the possible exception of the GH6.

I've had a GX9 + Oly 12-100 f4 and the stabilization was still amazing (now I'm fully Fuji, but I kept a tiny GM5 + 2 tiny lenses for when I need something super-compact).

I forgot about the E-M5 III. It's true that it's a better camera than the GX9, I had forgotten about it. However, it's quite a bit more expensive.

Regarding the other suggestions, they don't qualify IMO: the OP's priority is weight, therefore any FF system won't be able to compete against MFT zooms at equivalent focal ranges.

What is your Fujifilm photographic equipment?

I use two bodies:
  • A recently purchased Fuji X-S10 which I like a lot: first Fuji body with stabilized sensor in a small package and big grip for better handling.
  • An X-T20 which is super compact.
Regarding lenses, I have:
  • Fuji 35 f1.4: my favorite lens. I really like its rendering and use it mostly for family/kids portraits. I mostly shoot it at f1.4.
  • Viltrox 23 f1.4: a good lens for general photography and environmental portraits. I mostly shoot it at f1.4.
  • Fuji 56 f1.2: awesome portrait lens, but more specialized given the focal length.
  • Fuji 14 f2.8: excellent super wide angle lens. I use it mostly for landscapes.
  • Fuji 18 f2 and Fuji 27 f2.8: I use these 2 when I want a super compact package. I'd pick the 18 when shooting more landscapes and the 27 if I'm with kids/family.
When traveling or on vacation I'd take: 14 f2.8, 23 f1.4, 35 f1.4.

I don't have any zooms. I used to have the Fuji 18-55 but its bokeh was very bad and it didn't always focus properly (rare but annoying enough - same issue with the Fuji 23 f1.4). The 18-55 was quite sharp though, good for landscapes. I also had the 10-24 f4 which was pretty good, but I found the 14mm f2.8 so much better that I ended up not using the zoom that much. Generally, I don't find Fuji zooms all that good (I also had 55-200, 16-50 and 15-45 but sold them too) although I didn't try their best (16-55 and 50-140).

I had big hopes for the 16-80 f4, but I think I'd be disappointed. I'm still hoping it's not as bad as I think it is.

I'm quite interested in the upcoming 70-300 as I need something longer at times. We'll see how it fares.

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