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Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4 on a Fuji-X body?
Hello everyone,

Has anyone tried to use a Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4 Contemporary DC OS HSM on a Fuji-X body?

I loved the older version (non contemporary) during my Pentax days. The contemporary version is even better.

Since I'm not happy with Fuji's current zooms (18-55 f2.8-4: too limited range and bad bokeh, 16-55 f2.8: huge and limited range, 16-80 f4: bad IQ), I'm thinking of using a Sigma 17-70 f2.8-4 using either a Fringer EF-FX Pro II (Canon EF to Fuji) or Fringer NF-FX (Nikon F to Fuji).
I'm more leaning towards the Fringer EF-FX Pro II as it seems to support more lenses than the Nikon version (and also because it's probably more tested given there are probably more Canon users than Nikon out there).

Although I see it's supported or the adapter page (, I'd like to know if someone has some first hand experience with the Sigma 17-70 and the adapter? How does it compare to a native lens in term of AF speed and accuracy for instance.


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I would say: don't
tried third party adapters with Canon lenses on Sony: IS and aperture work well, autofocus was an a absolute disaster. Canon adapter for EF Lenses on RP works like a charm, I am reluctant to third party adapters
Thanks Toni for your response.
I think the Fringer EF-FX Pro II works quite well.
I'm still undecided. The Sigma 17-70 + adapter wouldn't be much smaller than the Fuji 16-55 f2.8 (although lighter), but it would be much cheaper.
The Fuji 16-80 f4 would be perfect if it wasn't that bad optically. That really sucks.
I love Fuji for their primes, but I'm much less impressed by their zooms.
If only Sigma and Tamron were to develop lenses for X-mount... There are rumors saying Sigma might in 2021. Let's wait and see.

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