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Forums > Back > Will Nikon be the next Olympus?

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Well my understanding is nikon is the company so they can't really sell off the photographic division - but they can sell the company....
(01-22-2021, 10:48 PM)you2 Wrote: Well my understanding is nikon is the company so they can't really sell off the photographic division - but they can sell the company....

In the industry I'm in there's a lot of industrial Nikon equipment. I see more Nikon than Olympus. Some equipment we own not called Nikon on the outside is actually owned by Nikon. 

Scroll down the page, my guesstimate is the photo business is a small piece to them.

Nikon | Products & Solutions
Nikon is the least diversified company among main players. Imaging is now contributing somewhat less than half of total sales, declined lately in recent years. Their other segment, precision equipment, is not doing great either.

They are certainly not in best shape. But... there is a long way to call it a day.
Nikon is a big name in photography industry, having the Nikon name on photography gear will help a lot selling it, besides they have the capacity to make excellent products, so expect plenty of investors with deep pockets to be interested.
Or they can just replace their marketing department...
Nikon does indeed manufacture quite a few more products than cameras and lenses for photography. Medical equipment, lab equipment, chip making equipment, etc. Essentially anything that appears to have some relation to imaging, even if considered far-fetched by some. However, they are not the biggest in any of these branches, and in several they are certainly not the #1 or not the #1 anymore. They still do well enough, however.

So, in principle they could sell of their camera division, but I doubt they will do so. I reckon they wil weather the storm for now.

Kind regards, Wim
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I am not Nikon user anymore but still follow them... Their management has anticipated the market shrinkage and made the necessary changes. I think Nikon made peace with the end of era of dedicated camera mass production.
At the moment Nikon is still selling more DLR cameras, MILCs and lenses than they sold during the AF SLR era (mid 1980s, 1990s to ~2005). So, apparently it is viable to have a camera business with these numbers, just a smaller business than in the DSLR boom era.
I think it's hard time for many Digital Camera maker, certainly more for some than others, that being said it has recently been confirmed that Nikon
will announce two new DSLRs and F-Mount Lenses in 2021. Finger crossed.
All camera manufacturers have made errors across the years.
- they all ignored the smartphone market - why didn't they release their own smartphones? In such a religious market, fans would have jumped immediately on a Canon/Nikon smartphone. And they surely have the expertise for making a difference in many aspects (albeit I'm wondering why Sony smartphone cameras are so crappy really)
- the completely missed the action cam market. Sure, there were a few half-hearty attempts but it's a joke that they are unable to compete in their home ground
- CaNikon almost missed the mirrorless wagon and Pentax' attempt was doomed to fail from day 1
- computational photography? Where?
- social media integration via a simple 4G/5G card - where?

The story of the decline of the traditional manufacturers is a story of arrogance and the inability to reinvent themselves.
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