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Suggestion for a reliable RAID 4x enclosure (Fantec?)
(01-20-2021, 06:01 PM)stoppingdown Wrote: Thanks for the hints. Looking at QNAP, this product looks interesting:

It's more expensive than Fantect, but still a low figure.
This is more a direct storage type of attachment rather than a NAS. However, I'd certainly recommend QNAP over Fantec, no doubt at all.

If you want NAS-type of faciltities above storage attachment alone, you may want to consider the TS-431K:

That is the one I really was referring to above, and it goes for € 269 here currently. The TR-004 goes for € 251 over here. BTW, store prices, with stores that have shipping facilities. Amazone may be cheaper, no idea.
There also is a black version with more functionality (includes a 10 GBe port, f.e., and can be extended with more DRAM if necessary) , the TS-431KX, but that is going for € 351 currently.
There are actually quite a few models in the 431 series, all offering slightly different functionality. All in the same format, except for the rack-version, which also happens to be the most expensive version by far.

I guess it is a matter of budget vs required functionality in the end.

HTH, warm regards, Wim
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