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Suggestion for a reliable RAID 4x enclosure (Fantec?)
I was wondering, too. I have a Synology NAS to store all the review data. It's been absolutely reliable so far.

However, it's a NAS, not DAS. But if you plan to attach a DAS to a Pi, why not go directly the NAS route?

Personally, I also would always prefer any kind of RAID setup over a single drive. It's RAID 1 here in the NAS, plus an additional copy at a different (physical) location.

For Time Machine Backups, however, a NAS is not a good choice, IMO. Even a fast NAS on a fast network will always be a lot slower than DAS.


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RE: Suggestion for a reliable RAID 4x enclosure (Fantec?) - by mst - 01-23-2021, 03:11 PM

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