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New Tamron 18-300mm f3.5-6.5 for Fujifilm
Reviews of this Tamron 18-300mm lens for Fujifilm speak highly of its quality. Do you think it is comparable to the Canon 28-300mm or the Olympus 12-200mm?
Whatever review says, it's made on a brand new lens=at the peak of it's performance.
Keep in mind it's a super zoom with a complex design and many moving elements, unless you will be using it very delicately with a lot of care, you are at risk of losing some image quality with time
3.5-6.5? Izzat right?
Has anyone compared the Tamron 18-300mm to the Fuji 16-80mm?

Is the Tamron better at the focal length between 18 and 80mm?
Dustin Abbott has his This is most likely spam content up and it is very positive.

It doesn't sound like it can coordinate the XF70-300 in terms of AF speed, picture stabilization and dealing with (xf has committed opening and center limiter). The Tamron has great picture quality by and large but the 70-300 may be a bit more honed within the edges in a great portion of its central extend.

Still, the 18-300 given what it can do and at the cost is very alluring. Wouldn't intellect having this focal point as my sole zoom. There are continuously getting to be compromises but the Tamron appears to offer a really great adjust of execution, IQ, dealing with and cost.
This week I tried Tamron 18-400 on 7D2 and M50 via adapter, at 400mm it's too soft even in the center, cropping a shot at 300mm gives practically the same resolution or maybe more, I am getting more convinced about the limits of superzooms, my walkaround zooms are 24-105f4 on full frame and 15-85 on APS-C and I am quite happy with that, I even find a 15-85 far more useful than a 18-300, since I would need the 15-18 range far more than the 85-300, but that's just me maybe.
BTW I tried birds in flight with 18-400 and focus failed miserably for accuracy, Canon 70-300 IS despite slow speed for autofocus would easily eat it for breakfast, the Tamron nailed sharp focus in 1/10th of the shots and even when focus was accurate image quality was really bad. Canon 70-300 is rather slow to focus but it's fairly accurate, sharpness tends to drop a little bit at 300mm but pictures are still usable, compared to 18-400 at 400mm the images have much more details....
FWIW, I'm not that impressed by the new 17-50mm either ...
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Tamron 18-300mm f3.5-6.5 for Fujifilm:
- This lens is designed specifically for Fujifilm cameras.
- It offers a versatile zoom range from wide-angle to telephoto, making it suitable for various photography genres.
- The lens has a maximum aperture range of f/3.5-6.5, which means it may not perform as well in low-light conditions compared to lenses with wider maximum apertures.

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