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Photobucket blackmailing its members, legal ??
I stopped using photobucket since merely 10 years 
however my free account is still there, although my content there is not important, I am regularly receiving emails from them 
today I opened and they are sending me blackmail message: you pay or we delete the account without possibility of retrieving or accessing the content 
is it legal ???
Anyway that's extremely dirty and surely I am not using their platform ever again

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Of course "it is legal" for them to stop a free service. They offer you the option to continue in a payed plan, and are informing you that when their free service stops, your free account will be gone. Calling that "blackmail" seems a bit much?
they should alllow me to access my data, they don't own it
(04-28-2022, 09:53 PM)toni-a Wrote: they should alllow me to access my data, they don't own it

Depends on the term of the service; but most likely they have no obligation to allow you to access the account before deletion.  Also you should have a local copy - they didn't delete your local copy.

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