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Fuji just announced a 150-600mm f/5.6-8 lens


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There is a gallery at DPR:

Many photos were shot between f13 and f16.
It doesn't really make much sense to use such small apertures, especially on APS-C.
At f8, the IQ is already diffraction limited. At f16 IQ is litterally destroyed by diffraction.
Most photos at the long end should have been shot wide-open at f8.
What am I missing here, user error perhaps?
Overall IQ seems rather so-so and bokeh seems harsh unfortunately. For the price, I find the lens slow and not good enough optically.

Flickr gallery
In the video they mentioned hot temperatures at the time - and yes, the chosen apertures weren't ideal.

At f/8 you have roundabout 16 mp left on APS-C. It's basically the same discussion as with the RF 600/800 f/11 on FF here.

However, the Fujinon has rather steep pricing for what it is. I don't quite understand what Canon/Fuji were thinking when choosing these max apertures.
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"800mm" options ...,ha,t

The Oly and Sony are faster than "f/11".
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Well, at least it has the 82mm filter thread...
Now, if only we could get a version with half the FLs and half the f/numbers... 70-300/2.8-4. :-D (if this 150-600 unit was THAT with a bolted-on 2x TC like some superteles are). The old Sigma 100-300/4 was hawt enough that I would have swapped out my 70-200 and 100-400 lenses for it in a heartbeat if it had had IS...

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