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Fuji just announced a 150-600mm f/5.6-8 lens


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There is a gallery at DPR:

Many photos were shot between f13 and f16.
It doesn't really make much sense to use such small apertures, especially on APS-C.
At f8, the IQ is already diffraction limited. At f16 IQ is litterally destroyed by diffraction.
Most photos at the long end should have been shot wide-open at f8.
What am I missing here, user error perhaps?
Overall IQ seems rather so-so and bokeh seems harsh unfortunately. For the price, I find the lens slow and not good enough optically.

Flickr gallery
In the video they mentioned hot temperatures at the time - and yes, the chosen apertures weren't ideal.

At f/8 you have roundabout 16 mp left on APS-C. It's basically the same discussion as with the RF 600/800 f/11 on FF here.

However, the Fujinon has rather steep pricing for what it is. I don't quite understand what Canon/Fuji were thinking when choosing these max apertures.
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"800mm" options ...,ha,t

The Oly and Sony are faster than "f/11".
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Well, at least it has the 82mm filter thread...
Now, if only we could get a version with half the FLs and half the f/numbers... 70-300/2.8-4. :-D (if this 150-600 unit was THAT with a bolted-on 2x TC like some superteles are). The old Sigma 100-300/4 was hawt enough that I would have swapped out my 70-200 and 100-400 lenses for it in a heartbeat if it had had IS...
I see the DP review sample gallery has disappeared. why is that?
This lens sure is amazing in range but like car tyres, when they try to do too much there is a big compromising price to pay. it seems the price is dropping now with Camerapro listing this in Nov 2022
-Fujifilm XF 150-600mm f/5.6-8 R LM OIS WR Lens $2,802 from $3,299 -
The tripod bracket looks too far back to my eye. Anyone have some thoughts on that, especially as the XT cameras are so light??
I saw the difference between this lens at 200mm and the 200/2 prime tele. stunning clarity with the latter. I have the 55-200 and that is pretty hopeless at full song too. I reckon they are made for sports and daily mass media photographers who don't require quality and sharpness, just an image good enough to tell a story for a few seconds online, and operate fast on-the-spot. While I dare say most of us here want something pretty sharp that we can ponder over the results and brag to ourselves / mates LOL. Anyway, thanks Fuji for another lens for the line up.

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