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Excellent opportunity for those living in Australia... Klaus??
(06-16-2022, 07:54 AM)Rover Wrote: Well, 50 is a long way from a 24... the 24 is a part of my trinity of fast primes (24-45-85) that I use when shooting in the dark. This time it was only 24+85 though and that did get me through the event. There's no point in dragging the 24 out anywhere if there's enough light; the 16-35 is more fitting there, being both more versatile and more predictable.

I don't mean to rail on the 24 - when it's needed there's no substitute - but at times it's comically inaccurate for AF. Sigma 14mm f/2.8 is comparable in being similarly misguided at times, although that one is more "forgivable", well, because it's a Sigma lens from way back in the film era anyway. Smile

(08-11-2022, 10:44 AM)Rover Wrote: I don't think anyone would expect much of them anyways. I've been (jokingly) asking for years to do a humorous review of some really low-end lens just to show the possible discrepancy in quality -- like a Canon film kit lens ala 28-90 on a 5DSR -- but that'll be in the same vein.

Well did worse than 28-90 om 5Dsr, tried old Helios 58f2 on 5Dsr.... you can't really speak of humerous results as they will only look really bad at 100% magnification, for printing if you are not cropping it's basically the same you would have from priniting film

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